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08/18/2012 11:45am

I can't wait to see what you'll be posting. I actually live by Good Sam and was a little underwhelmed by the vegan options they have in their hospital. I think it's awesome that you are actively promoting vegan cooking there.

No ones fooL!
09/27/2012 8:08pm

Mathew...the patients are given meat products for those wanting a regular diet. They also offer coffe, tea as well...but NOT to the public eating in their cafeteria.
I don't understand...if is for health purposes/reasons they offer only vegetarian to visitors, staff, volunteers...I don't get why much of the foods bathing in oils, cheeses and overprocessed substitutes.
Wouldn't healthy prepped chicken, beef or fish be much healtheir choices for visitors?
Why force the SDA/SAD diet upon those visiting patients?
I just don't get it. Is hard enough having a family memeber hospitalized or themselves having procedures or whatever. One can't even get a cup of coffee!
I worked in their kitchens 20 yrs ago and was apalled by amount of cheaper margerine subs, oils, salts, overprocessed wheat meat products they used then...I got into trouble when I questioned their reasoning.
A very close friend worked @ St Helena San as chef for famous Dr McDougal. He's jewish, NOT Adventist.
He often scauffed at the Adventist diet, saying was a huge shame.
Salty, oily, over processed food passed off as health food is a joke!
Like deep fried Twinkies considered healthier than cup of coffee.
I mean you can get something as bad, but try getting cup of coffee around there! NO WAY! Is Adventist Taboo!

10/01/2012 10:23am

We appreciate the feedback on areas of possible improvement within the LivingWell Bistro.

For the questions regarding our patients' diets and the options available to guests on the hospital campus - our patients are offered a variety of choices, including meat, to allow them a diet they may be more familiar with at home. The guests on the campus are provided with a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options - depending on if they join us at the Garden Cafe or the LivingWell Bistro - with options that include a variety of foods to familiar to most - pizza, pasta, salads, soups, and more. The margarine and oils used within the organization are trans fat free. And we do provide the options of coffee, tea and other hot beverages to both patients and guests in all locations.

cheryl young
09/27/2012 7:46pm

Wish they'd add Wheat/Gluten free to their menu/choices.
So many of us with serious allergies just can't eat much.
I've eaten there about 10 times now...almost didn't return, but because we had a gift cert, I let down my being upset.
A few months back, think was green beans I'd ordered. They were very old, tough and had clearly been around all day...were NOT edible and I returned them to the counter and told them they were not edible, too old, had been sitting around far too long and the $5-6 paid...not sure of this price, may be less...anyway...the gal told me "Im sorry for your experience"...but that was it!
I should have been offered a refund at very least, but was not.
She admitted they'd been around for some time and once again said was sorry were that way...SORRY? NO!
WHY should I have needed to ASK for refund or replacement?
When one pays high price for food, it should be at very least, edible!
I walked out of there vowing NEVER to return...I went to Baja Fresh and got twice the food for half the price AND it was FRESH! unlike what I was given there that day!
Wrong way to run a first rate food place...and at that pace, is going to be a major fail!
One should NEVER have to ask for refund when a customer points out the food was not worth eating...it really wasn't!...and I'll eat just about anything when am hungry!...the green beans were so tough, couldn't chew them enough to swallow!
....25 cents worth green beans for about $5-6 and so old the flies wouldn't land on them!...wow!

10/01/2012 10:25am

Cheryl, we have a wide variety of items at the Bistro that do not contain gluten - including the soft tacos, salads, most soups, live pasta, and more! As for the grab-and-go items, almost all of these are gluten-free. We are also happy to work with Petunia's Bakery - a local gluten-free and vegan bakery to offer a variety of pastries and desserts! As for your experience, I apologize that a refund was not offered for the green beans that did not meet your expectations. We do try and provide a comparable substitute or refund! We hope that you will join us again at the LivingWell Bistro and have a better experience! I am the manager of the LivingWell Bistro and you are welcome to contact me at pedersa2@ah.org to discuss your concerns.


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